Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Here at Self Portraits, the one thing we have in our lives is routine. Class, the occasional visit to the gym, and lots of reading. Then, Thursday mornings off due to a brilliant stretch of luck from the scheduling office.

There have been three classes cancelled this week. That means three classes (well, two, really) that will be rescheduled, and have been, at inconvenient time when we have a ton due. 

It's not that I'm mad we have more class. It's that it breaks my routine, which I only now realize I'm so used to.

On the bright side, spring training games started today.

Per Usual, TFR,

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  1. Word do your blog. I added you as a favorite blog on our page. I'm going to be better about updating mine, but I feel guilty without my partner in crime. Maybe he'll get back on the wagon soon...