Monday, August 17, 2009

The Flaming Lips

In two weeks, I will have the pleasure of reviewing Street Scene for the LA Times Sunday Magazine. To perhaps get my writing up to snuff, I'm going to attempt to review the Flaming Lips show from the other night.

In short, The Flaming Lips put on one hell of a show. The stage featured a see-through half-circle screen, which the Lips played videos on throughout the show, and also used to feature Wayne (the lead singer) talking to the crowd throughout the set. They had a camera fixed on to his mic, which allowed those of us standing in back to see clearly the whole time. The screen, combined with about 50 large balloons, a stage filled with people dressed as sheep, and one human sized panda and gorilla, made the Lips set as visually stunning as it was well played.

The one thing that bothers me most about concerts is when the band is disconnected from the audience, too cool to connect to the people who are there to see them, and too good to play the popular songs. The Flaming Lips incorporated all of their hits throughout the set list, and made a point of talking to the audience throughout the show, encouraging us to sing along, and expressing their preferences for a cheap show, like the $6 one they were performing. They joked about leaving briefly to let us cheer for an encore, which while not new, is still cool.

Overall, the Flaming Lips put on a show to inspire both eyes and ears. The visually stunning performance tied in beautifully with the tight sound they put out, giving their live cuts a feel different from that of the album, but equally as good. The Flaming Lips have well earned their reputation as one of the best live bands around.

Per usual, thanks for reading.