Sunday, June 21, 2009

Death (or glory)

No apologies about not writing for a while. I had nothing to say.

My best friend's grandmother died a few days ago, and tonight I went over there to sit Shiva with them. She lived a full and wonderful life, and her passing was expected, and even somewhat welcomed. The family spoke of the good memories they had, and it was a celebration of her life.

The part that puzzled me was everyone else in attendance- mostly people I knew, and all happy to see each other, but with a somber overtone. That sort of mood is to be expected, and it's not as if anyone made any faux pas. But if the family could have a more positive outlook on the whole thing, shouldn't the friends in attendance share that feeling?

I once joked to my friend Eric that if something were to happen to me in college, I didn't want any of those serious pictures shown, but instead wanted a picture of me mooning someone plastered all over any service. I feel like that would give a more appropriate tone. If I pass, and it calls for all my family and friends to be in one place, then I want them to be celebrating, and having a good time. I feel like most people feel the same way; that they would want their loved ones having a good time, and enjoying being together. Let it be a party.

Per usual, TFR.