Saturday, December 26, 2009

Suspended Disbelief

I'm on break from school (which is more than nice) and I have had more than enough time to watch more movies than anyone should in a short period of time. I've come to notice that there is a point in many movies where I sort of say, "well, that's just not possible/reasonable," no matter how ridiculous anything in the movie was before that. For instance, there could be a movie where dogs talk, cook, and a house floats on balloons, but I only don't believe any of it when dogs fly planes. You know, little things.

That said, a few of the points that caused me to shake my head:

1) Up: See above. The talking dogs and house lifted by balloons was totally Ok with me. Only when the dogs were flying planes did I shake my head in disbelief.

2) Eagle Eye: While I somehow got over Shia LeBouf with a mustache (I really don't care if I spelled his name wrong), and I was OK with a supercomputer being able to access/control any piece of media or information, the point when an un-manned drone flew in to a tunnel to chase down the protagonist was my point of disbelief.

3) Harry Potter: Just kidding! All of it is totally believable.

4) Live Free or Die Hard: Many moments here, but the one that got me was crashing the car in to the helicopter. 'nuff said.

5) Spiderman 3: Emo spidey scene. This isn't where I stopped believing in the premise; it's where I stopped believing that this movie had any redeeming value. it's close enough, and I needed a fifth.

Which movies did you lose your belief in, and at what point? Comment below.

Thanks for reading,