Thursday, September 24, 2009

Best Coast

It's been a long debate. The East Coasters love their winters, and the West Coasters know the sun is better. It's a debate without an answer, and I will not argue that one is better than the other. That would be futile. But, with regard with one aspect of the issue, it's no contest.

Pacific Time is better than Eastern time, when it comes to television. Not only is prime time television at 8:00, just the same as the east coast, but we get sports three hours earlier. We get day baseball at 10:00 am, Sunday football at 10:00 am, but Monday night football ends at a reasonable time. The World Series doesn't go until 2:00 am. Advantage: West Coast.

Don't even get me started on Central time. Prime time at 7:00? Sure, it means the 10:00 shows come on at Nine. But who is home in time to watch the Office at Seven? Sorry, central time. You just offer very little in the context of the time zone argument. Same goes for Mountain; just not a lot going on.

I'm sure there are arguments that I am missing here. Go ahead, argue for your time zone in the comments. We'll review later.

Per usual, thanks for reading.


  1. You missed Arizona time. It's almost like Pacific time with all of the advantages you listed except shows are on at during Central time slots. Everything starts at 7 and is over by 10. Arizona does always have to be the outlier...

  2. If you've existed in central time all your life, you learn to plan your schedule around 7 PM shows. "Friends" was always on at 7 on Thursday nights, and I never missed it.