Monday, January 19, 2009

Daily Soundtrack

Since I started walking to school, I started using my ipod on a regular basis for the first time. On days I forget it, I honestly regret not having music to fill the time. I didn't always used to be this dependent on music, but recently it seems that I need something to fill the silence. There is more and more radio and itunes going on than ever before, which makes me wonder how much brainpower is going in to music, rather than learning things.

My point is this: I am currently away from home, but not away from my music. is seemingly a Pandora knockoff (for those who don't know, its awesome), but keeps track of what music you listen to through iTunes, and logs your preferences. You can listen to streaming radio of music it recommends for you (which is not quite as good as Pandora, yet), but you can also listen to streaming radio of music you own. So I am now listening to my music, just from an online database that knows which tracks I own.

Technology. Pretty cool. Per usual, thanks for wasting your time with me.



  1. I used to think it would be really cool if everyone had a soundtrack that followed them around throughout their day, kind of like Will Ferrell in Stranger than Fiction. But then when two people with active soundtracks encountered each other, the presence of the combined soundtracks would become very irritating, unless of course one was playing Pink Floyd and the other was playing the Wizard of Oz. You're right, it's probably best to leave the personalized soundtracks to the geniuses at Pandora/

  2. Btw, my captcha word verification just now was "Nomar" - another sign that baseball season is very close.

  3. I walk to work listening to "Stitcher radio"

    It's educational, entertaining, and about whatever I want it to be because it's categorized!

    Highly, highly recommend.