Friday, December 12, 2008

The Yankee's Evil

A note, before I begin: This blog will not be about sports. But this post is.

It seems only appropriate that my first real post be about baseball. It's my true sporting love, and in the sad state of my team during their off-season dismanteling, I am left only with complaints. And who better to complain about than the Yankees? 

This is not going to be an I hate the Yankees post. I do. You all know that. This is more of a state of the game complaint, where the Yanks are busy assembling a five ace rotation of Sabathia, Burnett, Wang, Joba, and likely Lowe, Sheets, or Pettite. Now props to the Yanks for Joba and Wang- farm system guys they didn't purchase. And props to Cashman for making these signings- I met the man last summer, and he is clearly very smart, as well as rather personable. But spending so much cash, even bidding against themselves in the case of Sabathia, floods the market with so much money that mid-level and small market teams aren't given a free agent chance.

Many of you will now claim that I should look to the Rays of 2008- no big money spent there for a World Series run. I'm not saying small market teams won't be good. I'm merely saying that they aren't given a chance during free agency to improve their teams until the big guns are done spending. It's like having a pre-sale during Christmas where only the members are invited; everyone else's money is just as good, they just don't get a chance to spend it until all the good stuff is gone. 

In the end, it won't matter. The Yankees have the money, and as such, have a right to spent it. As long as they carry A-rod, they won't win a championship. Or so we can hope.

Thanks for reading.


ps- the Red Sox aren't any better. They just haven't signed anyone big yet this offseason.

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  1. i agree with your thoughts on the sox, yet i would argue that any team with similar financial power would do exactly what the yankees are doing. I am glad you wrote this post before the teix signing for you may have been tempted to throw some four letter wording into your thoughts. Well i guess you did say "arod"

    -who else, but gruen