Monday, December 22, 2008

'Tis the Season

'Tis, while sounding fancier than it's, is really just more work to type. 

It's the season of many things- holidays, shopping for said holidays, being bored at home during break (for students), and for re-runs. With these things comes one of my favorite things- Christmas lights. I don't celebrate the holiday, but I do like people willing to put untold time and effort in to something that for the most part is designed to bring joy to others (after all, it's hard to see your own lights from inside your house).  One home near my parent's house put up over 40,000 lights, which dance to music the house broadcasts on it's own radio station. Yeah, that's a lot of effort. Wayne (the guy who did it) also adds songs weekly to the rotation. Video coming soon, hopefully.

My point about the lights is this: they are the embodiment of human kindness, in a way. They are something really selfless, which is what the holidays are all about (I'd say the Christmas spirit, but honestly, I'm far from the authority on things relating to Christmas).  This is the time of year we hear about all sorts of people doing nice things for other people- something that we would all be better served to do year round. I don't mean we should all do big things all the time, but a return to common courtesy of holding doors and helping someone pick something that they dropped up could go a long way in making someone's bad day a lot better.

My friend's mom says she believes in God with two o's. Can't help but like that, and want to believe in it as well. So this holiday season, let's do good, and keep it going year round.

Per usual, thanks for reading. And happy holidays.


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