Monday, June 25, 2012

Sometimes You Eat the Bar...

Studying for the bar makes you many things: a hermit, albeit mostly for the beard, an asshole (to your friends who do not understand where the hell you went for three months), but mostly, a little stir-crazy from the stress. We've all slightly turned in to a permanent finals mode, where days of the week become irrelevant and weekends seemingly fail to exist.

That's the truth of the matter. It is nothing like what the tours walking past the Anheuser Busch School of Law tell you: it does not give a new meaning to passing the bar.  The joke on Wash U tours, usually eliciting laughter from only the parents in the back whose child had tried as hard as possible to dissociate himself from, for fear of actually attending the school and being recognized by someone on the tour by association. Other puns and references abound; Jay-Z ain't passed the bar, but he knows a little bit- he apparently ditched bar class to do better things, like reign over a rap empire and marry BeyoncĂ©. No, it is not an open bar exam.  The only one that really makes sense is the quotation referenced in the title, said by the mysterious cowboy of Big Lebowksi fame.  Sometimes, but hopefully not this time, the bar eats you.

One more note, on perhaps the worst mnemonic ever created: HERO.  It stands for.... Hospitals, Education, Religion, R Something, Or Government.  The O stands for or.  And then you have to add another R.  And a G.  So, to remember HERRG, remember Hero.  Professor, the bar ate you.

TFR, and see you on the other side, July 26.


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  1. GOOD LUCK! Hope Education Returns Outstanding results or HEROr