Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

Father's Day was this past Sunday, and I must say that I have a great dad. He's everything one could ask for- to the point where when i was dumb enough to lock my keys in my car, in my own garage, he came with my spare keys... at one in the morning.

So, it's easy to see why I look up to my dad. Feel free to assume all the other usual stereotypes about dads, too. He is an Eagle Scout, and is the kind of guy you think knows everything...

Which is what made this past week a wake up call of sorts. We've been dealing with some financial paperwork, and it's odd to have my dad call me to sort out what it all really means. You grow up assuming your parents know everything, and as a young 20-something, continue to call your parents with questions about anything you don't know. For anything from the right oven temperature to oil changes, I treat my parents like Google Lite. It's an odd experience when you realize they do the same for you, for all the knowledge you've picked up over the years they helped support you.

But, I guess that's the whole point; you raise your family to the point where you can depend on them. Guess we, as an age cohort, are making it after all.

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