Saturday, December 26, 2009

Suspended Disbelief

I'm on break from school (which is more than nice) and I have had more than enough time to watch more movies than anyone should in a short period of time. I've come to notice that there is a point in many movies where I sort of say, "well, that's just not possible/reasonable," no matter how ridiculous anything in the movie was before that. For instance, there could be a movie where dogs talk, cook, and a house floats on balloons, but I only don't believe any of it when dogs fly planes. You know, little things.

That said, a few of the points that caused me to shake my head:

1) Up: See above. The talking dogs and house lifted by balloons was totally Ok with me. Only when the dogs were flying planes did I shake my head in disbelief.

2) Eagle Eye: While I somehow got over Shia LeBouf with a mustache (I really don't care if I spelled his name wrong), and I was OK with a supercomputer being able to access/control any piece of media or information, the point when an un-manned drone flew in to a tunnel to chase down the protagonist was my point of disbelief.

3) Harry Potter: Just kidding! All of it is totally believable.

4) Live Free or Die Hard: Many moments here, but the one that got me was crashing the car in to the helicopter. 'nuff said.

5) Spiderman 3: Emo spidey scene. This isn't where I stopped believing in the premise; it's where I stopped believing that this movie had any redeeming value. it's close enough, and I needed a fifth.

Which movies did you lose your belief in, and at what point? Comment below.

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  1. first one that comes to mind is the glee football scene. tho not a movie, that was it for me.

  2. Watch 2012. There is no one moment that makes it unbelievable just the movie as a whole. The main character and his family have to be the luckiest people alive. They find the one man who knows whats going on, they find a plane (and take off while the ground falls out from under them like 12 times) when they find out where they need to go, and that their plane wont take them there, they are able to find a jet engine plane with a pilot. When the jet engine plane runs out of gas the entire world shifts so they are in the exact right spot. When they are left behind to die they get a ride from a monk to the place where they can survive and can get them on the boats. I swear to god the chances of this actually happening are as good as winning the lotto 8 times in a row.

    This is sean irving btw