Friday, July 17, 2009

One Tangent after another...

  • Got a phone call today (three, actually) from a friend I hadn't spoken to in a really long time. She's one of those ones that it really doesn't matter how long it's been, things just click again. Call that person.
  • Take a moment to realize how lucky you may be. You have internet- your standard of living is probably pretty good.
  • In the spirit of my friend's new blog, to be listed shortly in the recommended section on the right, listen to Manchester Orchestra's album "Everything to Nothing." It's quite good, and has something for everyone.
  • Wireless internet still continues to amaze me. I can share thoughts with the world (well, all 11 of you) and sit at my kitchen table drinking tea.
  • As an afterthought to the piece below, about death- take the time to hear your grandparents' stories. I haven't enough.
  • Fun tidbit: The weird letters you have to retype when signing up for any online account help the new york times digitize their old articles. One word matches to make sure you're correct, and the other fills in the gaps that the optical readers can't do. Technology is cool.
And, per usual, thanks for reading.


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