Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Perhaps the most recognizable cereal of all, the Cheerio has long been the staple of "a well balanced breakfast." The supermarket cereal aisle staple knows many forms; the classic yellow box, the whimsical frosted cheerio, the much-loved honey nut, and even the long-forgotten team cheerio, a mix of classic, frosted, and some honey something-or-other. 

But while these heralded cheerios hold down the fort, the long forgotten, yet still classically delicious Apple Cinnamon Cheerio toils away, working hard to provide that magical mix of apple and cinnamon to the waiting taste buds of the early riser and midnight snacker alike.

 The quiet, yet much loved Apple Cinnamon Cheerio

So let's hear it for the underdog of the cheerio world, rising above the popular honey nut variety to triumph on our taste buds, and in our hearts.

Per usual, TFR.


  1. agreed. what ever happened to the days of cereal catch phrases? Gotta have my pops.. We just do.. Seems like those went away with the magic of saturday morning cartoons.

  2. We finally got cheerios here! i've been waiting ever since I fell in love with them in England years ago... until the apple cinnamon becomes available I'll have to rely on white chocolate squillos (they have white chocolate spread inside the... kernels? what are the bits called?).

    I applaud your choice as I have a terrible allergy to honey and actually can't eat the stuff!

  3. Jenny R. likes this :)

    ps, have you tried banana nut yet? i'm a big fan of mixing it with a 3:1 ratio to fruity cheerios